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Kacang Putih is originated from “kacang patani” which is white in colour before it is cooked.

MISSION :Customer is our number one priority and we promise to deliver best quality products in order to fulfill customer satisfaction.

VISION: To make our product well-known all around Malaysia and worldwide. Bring forward our business by tapping in into overseas market and supply our product to all hypermarkets.

History /evolution
i)Etayapuram,Upature in India
Mr.Kaliappan and other entrepreneurs who are performing Kacang Putih business is from Etayapuram, Upature India.

ii) Gunung Cheroh
After migrating from India, Mr.Kaliappan’s very first accommodation was in Gunung Cheroh, Ipoh near the limestone. Due to unexpected course a memorable incident took place on 18th October 1973, around 7 o’clock at night where 14 families were settled and in a blink of an eye the limestone smashed into pieces due to heavy rain. The incident caused the death of 40 innocences, 20 victims managed to escape while there are still few bodies yet to be undiscovered up-to-date.

iii) Buntong Ipoh
After the tragedic incident, the state government relocated the residents by allocating another territory for them in Buntong in order to reside and continue their business in a safe and spacious environment.

First Generation 
Kaliappan Nadar / Sivagami
  Mr.Kaliappan is the founder of this business. In 1945, he came to Malaysia from India with his stepfather to work as a servant and he was only paid RM1.00 during those days. Mr.Kaliappan is a very passionate and hardworking person due to his brilliance he learned everything about business from scratch by himself. His diligent and with the help of his wife, pushed him to start of kacang putih business in a small scale by carrying snacks(kacang) in a wooden box in the head and walk around Ipoh City. During the start of his business journey, Mr.Kaliappan sold kacang patani, kacang gulabi, vadai, kacang rebus, parupu dhall, kacang kuda by packing it in paper cone and sold it for 1 sen. As years pass and slowly he saw an increase in demand for his products. He upgraded his selling strategy by selling kacang using bicycle and then slowly modernize to motorbike. Mr.Kaliappan sold kacang putih in various whereabouts like theatre, Menglembu market, stadium and Menglembu school to expand his business.

Second Generation 
Ponnuthurai / Kandymary
  Over the years, Mr.Kaliappan handed over the business to his beloved son after working so hard for many years and he felt it was time for him to retire. Mr. Kaliappan taught his son all the business tricks and techniques in order for his son to be able to extend the business. Mr. Ponnuthurai continued his father’s legacy by selling kacang in stadium, theatre, Menglembu market and extra. Over the years, Mr. Ponnuthurai got married to Kandymary, his wife. After marriage, with the support of his wife and being his backbone he opened up a kacang putih shop in 1992 and named it PKH after three person Ponnuthurai, Kaliappan and Hemachandran(son). In 1997, he registered his business to SSM as PKH Enterprise and in 2000s slowly business started to pick up while in 2005 he managed to obtain HALAL by producing his products per Halal. Besides, till forth Mr.Ponnuthurai continues to keep up with his father’s unique recipe and over the years he wish to pass it on to his children. Both he and his wife’s diligence had made them to continue strive to introduce new kacang putih recipes in order to remain competitive in the wide market. They introduced new kacang putih recipe and named it as Star, Sivel, Omapodi, Pagoda and various types of mixer which made people constantly purchase from them. Many people started noticing their shop and the various type of products they sell which made people never miss the opportunity to drop by their shop to satisfy their kacang putih snack cravings especially during Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji, Tahun Baru Cina as well as Deepavali.

Third Generation
  Since small, Hemachandran has been helping his parents with the business. Growing up in a family which business runs in their blood made Hemachandran to help his dad to continue expand and extend the business to the next level in terms of management of the whole business. Being the apple of the eye of his parents as the first child he grew up with lots of passion to learn part and parcel of the business from his dad. After gaining a lot of knowledge and skills required for the business Hemachandran stepped up his game into the business to bring it to a new extend. He expanded the shop to let customers have a spacious and comfortable ambience to shop their favourite kacang and snacks. In 2018, Hemachandran’s endless effort and passion made him buy a new company and he brought forward the business by obtaining sijil MeSTI. Due to pandemic, in 2020 he started of online business such as Lazada and Shoppe which helped the business to gain more customers. Hemachandran’s future goals is to supply his products all over Malaysia and to venture into international market. Despite that, he also want to tap into import/export and also supply to all hypermarkets both locally and internationally.

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